Advanced Planning Group

As an Eagle Strategies Financial Adviser and New York Life agent, I have exclusive access to the Advanced Planning Group of New York Life Insurance Company, a premier planning team with expertise in law, accounting, financial planning and insurance. My access to these resources allows me to bring experience, value and insight to your planning situation and assist you with your business and estate planning needs.

To learn more about the services I can offer you through my exclusive access to this resource, please take the time to know more about the Advanced Planning Group.

Company Commitment

Our incomparable dedication of resources to Financial Advisers working with affluent individuals and business owners is evidenced by our veteran team of nearly twenty professionals who hold numerous advanced degrees and certifications in law, accounting, financial planning and insurance.


Because the Advanced Planning Group supports Financial Advisers and agents nationwide, the group has insight consulting capabilities on estate and business plans at all levels of wealth across all 50 states. The Advanced Planning Group is called to action to assist on hundreds of business and estate plans each year; and that means we can bring experience, value and insight to your planning situation.


The Advanced Planning Group collectively leverages years of practical experience as lawyers, accountants and financial service providers to offer unparalleled assistance in estate, business, and life insurance planning.


Our Advanced Planning Group has the expertise to support a variety of clients’ needs:

  • Estate planning
  • Business and nonqualified executive benefit planning
  • Charitable planning
  • Transnational (non-US citizen) planning
  • Retirement distribution planning
  • Sophisticated life insurance planning

Cultural Diversity

The Advanced Planning Group has bilingual Advanced Planning Consultants who specialize in serving the following cultural markets: Hispanic, Korean and Chinese (with language skills in Cantonese, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish and Taiwanese).

Neither New York Life nor any of its affiliates provide tax or legal advice. Individuals should consult with their own tax, legal or accounting advisors before implementing any planning strategies.




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